Dear fellow teachers,

Let us share some of the most important achievements of our Erasmus+ staff mobility project with you.

On the project blog, you can read about our mobility experiences, as well as enjoy any piece of useful information we have picked up along the way.

The six project portfolios, each carrying the name of the country our participants have been to, will be developed by the participants in pairs. There you can find some new learning and teaching materials our teachers have created and tested in their classrooms. The materials will be published under a license of Creative Commons, so feel free to use them with your students, too.

Finally, we are planning to compile a humorous e-guide called Top Tips for a Modern Teacher to all those teachers who sometimes feel overwhelmed with massive changes at school.

The project site, as you may realise, is developing in parallel with our project. We hope to have everything completed by August 2019.

Best regards,

Your colleagues from Tartu, Estonia

September 2017