Dear fellow teachers in Europe,

We’ve created this website to disseminate the most important outcomes of our Erasmus+ staff mobility project 2017-2019.

You can read about our mobility experiences and ideas for better learning and teaching on the project blog.  

The site also features six project portfolios, named after the six countries of mobility of this project. Each portfolio includes a selection of innovative learning and teaching materials the participants have created during the project. All six portfolios will be completed and published in September 2019.

Finally, expect a teacher-friendly e-guide, which is a combination of what we already know, what worries us the most, and what we have learned during this project. The guide with the working title “Top Tips for a Modern Teacher” will be made public in September 2019.

With best wishes,

Erasmus+ travellers from Tartu Tamme Gymnasium

In Otepää, Estonia, June 2019