Upper secondary students have to write book reviews, research papers and essays, which can be quite challenging at times. Mastery in writing is difficult to achieve, for sure,  and it does require a lot of hard work. Still, knowing that fluent writing skills are beneficial in all walks of life may inspire our students to keep going.

The purpose of academic writing is professional discussion, analysis and persuasion in general. Naturally, the most challenging academic texts are dissertations, research reports and literature reviews, but a good academic style also comes in handy when writing exam essays or motivational letters for university admission.

Effective written expression is eagerly sought in the job market. Also, in order to write coherent and cohesive texts, one has to   develop their analytical thinking and an ability to talk about complex issues responsibly and logically.  It is true that writing outstanding academic texts takes time and effort, but deliberate practice and self-discipline helps everyone become rather good at it.

“Academic writing” is the first of three elective English courses offered to upper secondary students at Tamme Gymnasium. Under the umbrella of “English Writing”, these courses provide an opportunity to learn to write good texts in different style and format, be it academic, plain English or web texts.

“Academic writing” is a pilot course in a sense it tests blended learning – combining face-to-face lessons with e-learning. In this way, the learning process will be more flexible, students’ learning skills will be honed, and language learner autonomy will be increased. In other words, this course is an innovation-oriented one.

“Academic writing” consists of five modules: developing the complete sentences, mastering the paragraph, structuring the essay, writing laboratory and reflection. There will be approximately 12 hours of independent asynchronous learning activities in Moodle (a free and open-source learning management system (LMS)) and six face to face learning sessions. The course opens here.  A visitor’s password is “Academic”.