Tartu Tamme Gymnasium is happy to start a new Erasmus+ staff mobility project in order to learn about the best practices of other European schools, promote blended and integrated learning, modernize language learning, as well as working towards becoming a partner organisation able to host  teachers from abroad.

From 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2019, 12 flows of staff mobility will be carried out.  The teachers will be attending three training events in Spain, Germany and Iceland, and three structured courses in Italy, Hungary and Great Britain. A variety of innovative learning materials will be created as a result. Also, open classes will be given to demonstrate a variety of innovative teaching methods. Finally, a selection of the best moments, cool ideas and witty stories will be included in a jointly written e-brochure called “Top Tips for a Good Teacher Facing New Pedagogy”.

As we focus on the art of teaching, this project aims to give the teachers any credit they deserve. In particular, we’d like them to collaborate within our school and Europe-wide to find synergy between progressive and traditional pedagogy, both important in the 21st century school context.

We’ve just completed another Erasmus+ addressing effective 21st century learning, too. The results are available at https://clickerasmusplus.eu/. Enjoy!