In the summer of 2018, Triin Lingiene travelled to England in order take two development courses for EFL teachers:  Expert Teaching and Teaching Exam Classes. Both courses ran at  Bell Teacher Campus in Cambridge and were taught by Bell.

Bell represents everything language teachers appreciate wherever they work: language learners aiming high, teaching and learning strategies that work, and creative learning environment. This time, special focus was given to John Hattie and his ground-breaking work on visible learning. Teacher leadership, coping with chaos and language learner autonomy were also discussed and reflected on.

In addition to study sessions in smaller groups, a rich cultural programme was offered to all groups together: attending the yearly open-air Shakespeare Festival in Cambridge, the Fitzwilliam museum and the Cambridge University Press Bookshop as well as visiting Ely Cathdral, around 26 km out of Cambridge.

The participants especially enjoyed their walks to Grantchester, a small village 3 km south of Cambridge. At the local Orchard Tea Garden, several famous visitors such as Rupert Brook, Virginia Woolf, Maynard Keynes and Bertrand Russell once used do set the world to rights.

Thank you!