In April 2018, Aleksandr Kirpu (teacher of chemistry) and Urmas Tokko (teacher of biology) travelled to Hungary in order to do a teacher development course called “Basic Immunology and in vitro Pharmacology”. The course ran in Budapest and was taught by LabMagister.

We had a wonderful opportunity to learn in a cutting-edge pharmacology/biomedicine laboratory for five days. We were provided with a content-rich and truly engaging training, and we were kindly shown various in vitro and in vivo animal testing practices. We also learned about biomedical analyses and research (e.g. the quality of sperm, blood testing and cell-culture techniques).

It is generally quite uncommon for outsiders to visit certified laboratories. So we were quite lucky to be admitted by this highly reputable science lab, and actually to try out some of the devices and techniques their staff members use on a daily basis. In this way, new approaches and examples of modern research, along with its practical applications, can reach schools much more easily. We might as well regard this type of working and learning process as transitional education.

We would like to thank all the people we met, but our special thanks go to Endre Mikus, Ágnes Hajnal and Olga Losonczi, who kindly trained and instructed us.