At the end of February and the beginning of March 2018, Heily Soosar (teacher of Estonian language and literature) and Tuuli Tomson (educational technologist) travelled to Italy in order to take a teacher development course called Integrating ICT and New Technologies into Teaching. The course ran in Bologna and was taught by IFOM.

This mobility focused on blended learning and how the use of ICT can improve the ways learning content is introduced and received. In addition, as we met teachers of a wide array of different subjects, we learned how to find common ground between them. So we ca conclude that this course did promote integrated learning.

During the seven days in Bologna, we were exposed to several basic e-learning tools, and we had a chance to try them out on the spot. We were discussing different options with ICT, and we were creating practical learning activities we would then carry out in our classrooms back home.

The following themes were covered:

  • Photo and video editing
  • Video lessons and e-lessons
  • Creating a digital whiteboard app
  • Creating a website
  • Learning management systems
  • The role of social media among learning communities