Let’s think bigger than teaching!

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It is of uttermost importance that teachers develop their new leadership literacy. Why? Because new leadership and progressive teaching have much in common, be it people, methods or learning itself.  Most importantly, new leadership means getting things done through people, not by people. Isn’t this what we, the teachers, should aim at?

We should move from knowing our subject matter and understanding various teaching methods towards connectedness, big picture and mobilizing people. Drawing leadership out of others matters. Significance of what people are doing matters.  Alignment to one’s purpose matters.

We should make a difference between a difficulty and a mess.  While a difficulty can typically be explained  and solved with current thinking, a mess is much more ambiguous. Sometimes we don’t even know where to start or what the real concern is. But that’s ok. It’s ok to be in a mess because that’s what life is all about.

For us to realise that the classes we teach are a mess may sound peculiar and comforting at the same time. It’s good to know that a mess can’t be solved the way we would solve a problem.  So we shouldn’t focus on changing our students, but we should be working on changing the relationships between ourselves and our students.  We should think bigger than teaching …

This post is based on the cultural talk delivered by Adrian Underhill on 10 July 2018 at Bell Teacher Campus.