Education is globally undergoing substantial changes, for sure, so most people do not think of teaching and learning they used to. Not anymore.

Oddly enough, education scientists have not fully understood how people learn. Nor do they comprehend how to encourage creativity or entrepreneurial skills. That is why educational researchers keep debating over the advantages and disadvantages of different educational systems.

For example, some people try to adopt the mistaken ideas of open education and free school, believing it’s progressive But is that so? Should we focus on preparing our students for the job market only? Or is academic education still appreciated?

One way to find out is to go and see the world, and our second staff mobility project that takes nine teachers to six European countries is what we need.

Our participants will be expanding their professional knowledge, developing their teaching skills, and educating themselves about various educational systems. In addition, they will be visiting different types of schools, observing classes, and talking to their European colleagues, too.

As teachers tend to face similar challenges everywhere, an opportunity to share some good practices with their European colleagues is something our teachers appreciate. Also, this project will help us promote European values and multilingualism too.

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